Lower Canada Arms Collectors Association Inc.
Association des Collectionneurs d'Armes du Bas-Canada Inc

Membership Application

Your membership allows you to:

            Free access to our 5 annual shows;

            An early admission to the shows hours before the general public;

            The opportunity to rent tables for sale or display;

            Obtain new bulletin from the CFC. These are being mailed to you.

            The membership fee is $40.00 for new members


Family name                Given name

 Home address (No: Street )

City                                      Province / State             Postal / Zip code 


Home telephone                             Job description 

 Date of birth


 Business telephone

 Business Address

Email address

I already collect      Yes No 
I would like to start Yes No

Type of Weapons     Type of collection                  Period

If necessary give more details here

1) If accepted as a member  of the Lower Canada Arms Collectors Association, I agree, within reason
, to give my services where called upon by the directors in such areas as Committees, Directorships,
 and exhibitions or other tasks for the benefit of the Association,
2) I fully understand that the submission of this application does not bind or obligate the Association
 to accept me for membership 
3) I agree that any misrepresentation in this application shall be grounds for immediate termination of my LCACA
membership without recourse

Signature_______________________________________________ Date_________________________

                                                    I enclose my check for $40.00

                                       No application form shall be considered unless
                                                    membership check is attached

 I, the undersigned, state that I am the: ___________________________(State relationship)
of the applicant and do hereby approve of this application.
Telephone:  (______)____________Signature: ______________________Date:______________

I, the undersigned, being a member in good standing of the Association, consider the applicant to be 
a suitable person for membership in the Association,
MEMBER'S NAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS: ______________________________NUMBER:____________
Signed: ___________________________________Date:________________

OR, IN THE ABSENCE OF MEMBER ENDORSEMENT: ( to be filled out by the applicant )
I have at least one current registration certificate for restricted firearms ( handguns or other ).
I enclose a photocopy of one of these

Applicant's signature:_____________________________________________
note: the Firearms Acquisition Certificate ( FAC ) is also accepted for the above

Either an endorsement by an Association member in good standing or a photocopy
of a registration certificate for a restricted firearm must be provided fir this application
to be considered.

For Association use only
Date received:_________________ by:__________________
Entered in computer: _____________subscription to JAC sent:______________
Membership Card  sent:______________

Please, print this page, 
Attach any required documents ( have them signed when necessary )
and mail it along with your payment to:

12440 Riviere-des-Prairies Blvd
Montreal (Quebec)
H1C 1R8