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With the subsequent enactment of Bill C-17, which is now being replaced by a much more restrictive Bill C-68, it is now necessary for all serious and dedicated collectors, hunters, target shooters and history buffs to unite and present a common front to the situation we now all face. It is not necessary for the sports card collectors, the numismatists or the philatelists to band together as their hobby is not menaced by legislation. It is important to point out to all who will hear us that the members of the Lower Canada Arms Collectors Association are responsible and law abiding citizens.

The Association has eight directors responsible for the day to day operations.

An annual meeting entitles  members of the Association to participate in the final decision of interest to the Association as well as in the renewal of the directors.

Actual directors of the L.C.A.C.A (as of  January 2010):    





Président  Pierre-Armand.


Claude Avon

Sergent d’armes 

André Ouellette

Directeur en charge de  juger les expositions 

Steve Torino





Pierre Gagné

(514) 591-1835

Directeur responsable des
envois postaux

Luc Pelletier



Address of the Association:
12440 Riviere-des-Prairies Blvd
Montreal (Quebec)
H1C 1R8

              Phone: (450) 445-5801 (Leave a message. The appropriate person will call you back.)